Facebook easing its users by providing a link about recently expired story viewers

All social media platforms are considered a way to ease people’s life. Digital citizens use a variety of apps to connect with people from various places around the world. Facebook is considered the most popular social media app. People use this app for different sort of opportunities.

Different social apps introduced short stories for people to share their daily routine updates but just for 24 hours. After the specific duration, the stories fade. Like all other apps Facebook also introduced their Facebook story option to make the users more entertained and engaged.

Why people use Facebook story?

Internet users usually try to maintain a theme on their profiles, uploading a special variety of content to make their profiles stand out. But sometimes they want to share a different kind of content, but can’t because that can affect their profile theme. These short stories help users in a way that they can upload a variety of stories on their profiles only for 24 hours and after that, it will disappear from their profiles.

This feature eased a lot of users. With this feature they can upload any content they want to on their profiles easily.

Facebook’s new upgrade

Facebook tries its best to bring something new for its users to attract more people and to make their stay worthwhile. Facebook brings upgrades often, after launching the short story feature recently Facebook is introducing an update in this feature where users can see the viewers who watched their stories before expiring out.

There is this curiosity in the people, to check who visited their profiles and who didn’t and Facebook always brings some new strategies to ease the life of its users.

In the previous version of Facebook, people can only see their story viewers until it expires and because of that people usually miss the people who viewed in the last hour or so. To bring ease with this problem, as noted by Matt Navarra, Facebook just launched an upgrade where you can see the total number of people who saw your recently expired story and along with that a link to see the list of people who saw it.

Facebook always bringing something new to keep the users interested

Facebook development team always brings something new to ease its users experience and to attract the youngsters. With this new upgrade, people will feel more interested to upload their stories and to check their viewers even after the expiration of their stories.

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