Thinking to Smash Your Android Phone in the Wall for Buggy Google Search Results? You Better Read This Before Doing That!

Although a cellphone helps everyone in a variety of ways, sometimes glitches or some update issues makes us want to smash our phones in the walls to get rid of them. Continuous failure of our phones into performing any activity can be pretty annoying and we feel ourselves on the verge of breaking our devices into half but sometimes smartphones are not the one to blame.

Glitches by Google

If you were thinking that you’re the only person facing the failure of Google Search results then think again because you’re not the only one. Recently, Google confirmed that some Android users might face failure in Google Search results due to some glitches.

Numerous reports were submitted and according to that some Android users are facing failures in Google Search results. People aren’t completely seeing the whole page of search results instead there’s a white wall at the bottom of the page. From the past few days, multiple Android users have been facing this issue.

Affected devices

According to users, this bug affects multiple Android devices ranging from Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 to even Google’s Pixel series and this glitch mostly affects apps related to Google such as Chrome for mobile.

Screeshot: Tejaestro / Twitter

Response from Google

Google is one of the largest platforms on the internet and any glitch in tits services affects millions of users from all over the world. To maintain their reputation, Google confirmed that the rumors about Google’s glitches are true and stated that its team is working on the issue for now. Although Google didn’t completely satisfy the users by providing any detailed information regarding the affecting devices by this bug or how long will it take them to fix this issue but we hope Google finds a solution soon.

Besides the confirmation by Search Liaison team, the Status page of Google (which is known for telling users about down time of any Google product) still displays that all activities are running accurately without any errors and DownDetector also displays that there are no errors at Mountain view which means that the number of people affected by this bug is very low but it still needs to be solved as quickly as possible.

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