Now you can prevent cats from bringing dead animals to your home via AI technology

Artificial Intelligence is an innovating technology that has brought some fascinating models in our lives. Well, now another interesting creation would enable cat owners to stop their feline from bringing dead prey home.

The technology is the brainchild of Ben Hamm a product manager at Amazon. He said that his cat often brought dead animals back to the apartment. And waking up to a dead rat in the morning slowly became unbearable.

To find relief to the problem, he turned to AI and built a model that would look the cat door when his pet tried to bring a dead animal home.

In order to train the AI, he installed the Amazon Deeplink camera above the cat door and used different images of the cat with and without the prey. Over time, he managed to label over 23,000 images that made the algorithm better at detecting if the cat is carrying a dead animal.

The algorithm worked on a three-stage protocol. First it detected if the cat was in the frame, then it analyzed whether it was coming back or leaving the house, and lastly it would detect if the cat has any prey in its mouth or not.

If all stages were cleared, the cat door will automatically be locked. He installed an Arduino digital board to lock/unlock the door. The system would also send the owner of the cat a text with pictures of the cat while some money would also be donated on their behalf to the Audubon Society – that works for the birds and their wellbeing.

According to Hamm, the AI under his testing has been working exceptionally well and the cat was ‘unfairly’ locked out only once.

When the technology becomes commercialized, the AI application would actually solve a real-life problem faced by many cat owners. And of course - a lot relief for the pet owners.

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