YouTube design director gives a briefing on the new Sans font

A recent tweet by the design director of YouTube gave a detail of the new YouTube Sans font, which will soon be launching on the popular video streaming platform.

According to the details provided by Christopher Bettig, YouTube's Design Director, its team spent 10 months reviewing and redrafting the font to be adaptable in 308 languages.

YouTube Sans will also add auto substitutions and stylistic set. Another prominent change the users will immediately notice is that the top of the capital T will feature a small slant (just like Facebook's 'F'). The new font will also include variants in the upper and lowercases as well as punctuation marks.

"YouTube Sans" a new display font coming soon

However, as of now, the new change will be visible in the headlines and titles while the body text will continue to utilize the Roboto font.

When asked by a tweeter "Why have they [YouTube designers] never used Product Sans in the first place?", Bettig replied, "We’re [as YouTube] our own [separate] company, an acquisition, we have our own brand and have never been branded as a Google product. Product Sans, subjectively, doesn’t have the personality that a company that deals in culture as we do should have to be a good ambassador for the brand." Adding further he explained, "Product Sans is used in Google logos for their products, so Google Maps. We are not Google YouTube. Product Sans is not a display face. We have our own logo type, YT Logo Sans and a display face YT Sans both of which my team made specifically for YouTube."

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