YouTube rolling out a fix for notification issue along with Creators metrics

YouTube users and creators have often complained about the odd way the platform handles video notifications. In response, the team behind the system gave an update on a rollout that would fix the notification issue through “Backstage at YouTube” video.

The detailed video (featured below) along with a helpful post on YouTube provides users with the complete information on how notifications are handled currently and ways they would be modified in the future. The team also states that they are working on ways to improve the infrastructure and make the notification system more reliable and consistent.

YouTube also claims that they have integrated new monitoring systems that are able to detect any potential outages. As a result, the company is seeing reduced outages and decreased number of dropped notifications on the platform.

Moreover, the team behind the notification system observes that many users opt-in for updates for new videos from their favorite channels. However, they have notification turned off at a system level on their mobile devices. Due to this, many users of YouTube complain of not seeing the notifications.

To resolve the issue, the team suggests users check whether their notifications are enabled on YouTube by:

1. Check that you are logged in from the correct YouTube account

2. Check the subscription tab to ensure that you are subscribed to the channel you wish to get notifications for

3. Click on the bell or the notification icon and ensure that it is set to ‘All’ notifications

4. Go to the YouTube app Settings on your device

5. Allow the device to send push notifications by enabling them through the settings

YouTube Studio is also gearing up to get analytics for video post notifications with two new sections soon to be implemented on desktop and mobile versions of the Studio. From then onwards, the creators will be able to see the percentage of subscribers for their new videos along with those eligible to receive the notification.

The new features are live for the users using the latest version of YouTube Studio beta.

Let us know in the comments box your thoughts on the notification issues and are they resolved on your device.

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