You can now auto-delete your Google's location history and activity data

Since tech giants like Google collect so much of the user’s personal data, privacy and security concerns are growing significantly. In fact, large companies are scrutinized regularly for tracking user’s location history and web/internet activity.

To reciprocate some of the damage, Google is now introducing a way to allow users to auto-delete their app activity. According to Google, the update is applicable to all Google apps running on both – Android and iOS devices.

From now on, the users can choose to automatically delete their location history and web/app activity every 3 or 18 months. Any data that is older than either of these time frames will be automatically deleted in the background while only the newest data will remain in the database, allowing Google to continue providing them with better search recommendations, etc.

Before this feature was implemented, the user had only two options – either turn on the tracking or off. However, with the new feature, users can still benefit from the services offered by Google without having years of ‘web activity’ piling up in the background.

Google announced the feature in May but it is just now being rolled out to all users worldwide. Check it out and let us know how you think the feature will improve your data privacy.

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