Google will now allow iPhone and iPad users to utilize its Android security-key

Google recently confirmed that it will now be allowing iPhone and iPad owners to use their Android security key to verify sign-ins.

Last month, the search giant claimed that it has developed a new Bluetooth-based protocol that would allow ‘high-end’ Android 7.0 and later versions to act as a security key for two-factor authentication. Since the implementation, around 100,000 users are utilizing their Android phones as security key.

Initially, the technology was limited to Chrome sign-ins. However, Google has advanced the technology and says that iPad and iPhone owners can also, avail the same protection without the need to plug in anything.

Security keys serve as a critical security protocol for users who are at high risk of attacks. They are designed in a way to combat even the most ‘high-tech’ attacks. The security keys are built-in the latest Android devices. When a user logs into their account, they are prompted to authenticate with the key.

Security keys are apparently the last line of defense and deny authentication even if someone steals a user’s password or attempts a phishing attack.

The keys are also FIDO2 compliant – a security standard that allows various devices running different operating systems to coordinate with each other for authentication.

To access the Android security key to work on Apple-owned devices, the users have to get the Google Smart Lock app installed. As of now, Google is only allowing the security key for the Google accounts. However, we can expect advancements to other systems in the future.

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