Artificial Intelligence Surprises The Fashion Industry; Generates Super Realistic Fashion Models

The magic of artificial intelligence began with realistic images of human faces, food, and Airbnb home stays but now it seems to be reaching new heights as a Kyoto-based firm, Data Grid has developed complete human bodies based on the images of thousand other Japanese celebrities and models.

Every model that you can see in the picture and video was generated from scratch with the help of DataGrid’s neural network. Although the company didn’t reveal much details about the process in their demo but the idea indeed has a lot of potential.
AI develops fashion MODELS - and they're scarily realistic
These virtual models can be considered as an ideal alternative for brands and online stores who currently spend a hefty amount on photo shoots every now and then, in order to showcase their products in the best way possible.

This all wasn’t achieved at first attempt as previously DataGrid started off by developing images that looked like the Japanese celebrities. The generative adversarial networks was able to learn a lot from the massive amount of data presented in front and then it created similar models from head to toe based on what the network saw.

It was 2014, when the technique first got developed and looking at the evolution in all this time, one can safely say that this all wait and effort was worth it, as the results produced by GANs are indeed a game changer.

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