Deepfake: A technological blessing or a curse

With the combined research from Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence and Imperial College in London, the researchers are finally able to merge a photo and an audio together.

As realistic as it sounds, it is not 100% realistic instead it is actually a fake. Despite this fact, the video is produced with the help of a very small amount of data.

With the help of deepfake, it is finally possible to convert lectures into interactive classrooms and other related videos as well.

"This model has shown promising results in generating lifelike videos, which produce facial expressions that reflect the speakers tone. The inability of users to distinguish the synthesized videos from the real ones in the Turing test verifies that the videos produced look natural. The current limitation of our method is that it only works for well-aligned frontal faces. Therefore, the natural progression of this work will be to produce videos that simulate in the wild conditions. Finally, future work should also focus on extending the network architecture to produce high definition video.", explained research paper.
The videos can be further used for showing specific emotions with the help of particular face expressions. These are all pros of deepfake but it also comes with several cons as well.

Even though the research is not commercially available, people have still learnt to make such videos with the help of certain video editing software. The videos can certainly cause harm to people especially to women. Women are already vulnerable to the outside world and in case of deepfakes, there are more chances that their videos and images are being used inappropriately. The inappropriate use of women’s images for pornography or other shaming purposes can cause heavy damage to their image in the society.

The pros and cons of deepfake balance out on another but it can be suggested that the cons can be dangerous to the society per se. As technology is advancing, there is a chance that these incidents might start occurring more frequently.

This is the sole reason why US legislators are worrying about a research so advanced due to its negative consequences. It can be suggested that the political realm is not comfortable in accepting deepfake as a positive technological innovation rather, they are considering it as a source of destruction for the society. The future of deepfake is still under critical discussion.

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Featured illustration: Freepik / Macrovector
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