Google Search Results Will Now Show Timestamps to YouTube Videos

Google is testing a new feature on mobile devices that will show timestamps for some of the YouTube videos in search results, Android Police reports.

With timestamps, users will not have to go through the whole video instead they can move to the important part of the video directly.

When a video is shown as a Google search result, timestamp appears at the bottom of the video’s thumbnail, letting users start video from the part they are more interested in.

So far only the latest Google beta version of Google app has this feature available.

Apparently, the video description is being used to fetch information and show timestamps.

Timestamps look like something shown in the screenshot below.

Google mobile app shows 'in this video' bookmarks for YouTube videos search results

Often YouTube videos are extended aimlessly just to put in more ads. Now searchers will be benefited as they will directly go to the relevant part of the video directly.

Not everyone is interested in watching a 20 minutes video to do a simple task.

On the other side, it is a negative point for the video content creators as their time is being cut out by Google. Video creators themselves ask users to add timestamps in the description of the video.

However, it is yet to see whether this feature would be enrolled to all users or not.

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