Pinterest is Reportedly Working on UI Redesigns and New Features including Board Name Suggestions!

It’s been a while since Pinterest was in the news, other than the usual stock reporting but now it is back, and for all good reasons. Looks like the Social Media service is planning a few updates and redesigns, mainly for its Android app.

App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong recently posted a couple of tweets regarding new features/designs that Pinterest is currently working on.

Firstly, a new Settings UI is in works. The revamped design will give the settings a smoother look, allowing you to efficiently manage your account settings and switching, notifications, and privacy & data, in addition to getting help and learning about terms and privacy.

The next update will help you in picking a name for your Board (a collection of pins with usually a similar theme) by providing a few suggestions. The screenshot shows the auto-suggestion feature in action.

Last but not the least, Pin UI is being redesigned and the provided screenshot gives us a first look at the revamped designs. Not only that, you will also be able to set a pin as your wallpaper.

The new updates sound quite intriguing. It remains to be seen whether Pinterest plans on rolling out all of these at once or does it take more time to polish the new designs. Stay tuned!

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