Is Europe aiming to ‘over control’ tech giants?

After the EU legislation, many critics are raising eyebrows at the Europe government for being a little too harsh on the tech giants and their consumer base.

The Europe government developed laws to minimize hate speech and fake news across the World Wide Web but analysts are concerned that the same is resulting in censorship of citizens.

The New York Times also highlighted a few incidences where account holders were banned from their respective social media handles for participating in freedom of speech. One such event occurred in Spain where activists were convicted for social media posts that violated an expanded anti-terrorism law.

Another incident occurred when the Dutch Court ordered Google to remove search results about a doctor punished for poor performance.

Twitter also took down the account of a German social worker for posting content that poked fun at racists. The German worker eventually got his account reinstated only after hiring a lawyer who claimed that the posts were entirely satire.

Regarding the current scenario, a US professor highlighted his concerns and said that the government efforts are restricting free speech.

United Nations have also expressed similar worries and claimed that the proposed rule may lead to breaches to the right to access freedom of opinion, expression and even access to information.

Europe Is Reining In Tech Giants. But Some Say It’s Going Too Far.

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