Owning a Dell Device can Increase your Chances of Getting Hacked but you can fix it now!

It’s a well-known fact that new laptops running Windows usually have a number of unneeded software already installed on them. These software not only take up a lot of space, but also slow down the device considerably. Moreover, they are also a security concern occasionally and due to this, you are advised to update or better yet uninstall Dell’s SupportAssist at your earliest.

SupportAssist is an app which (according to Dell’s support page) is already installed on many new Dell systems running Windows. Not only that, but it is also referred to as Dell’s first automated proactive and predictive support tech. However, it is still prone to hack attacks and has been since last year, as per Bill Demirkapi, a 17-year-old security researcher.

What’s concerning about this app is that it has admin credentials for accessing Windows. One of the main reasons behind its creation was to let it install updates on the computer automatically. Demirkapi detected a flaw that allowed him to override the update requests. This could in turn be used by hackers to install a virus or malware to breach the target system.

However, the system cannot be compromised that easily either. According to Demirkapi, the hacker can succeed only if they are sharing the same local network as the target's PC such as a public wifi connection at office, school or at a restaurant. You all are encouraged to read Demirkapi’s blog post to know more about this issue.

The simple fix for this issue is to uninstall the app or update it to SupportAssist v or a newer version. The installer can be easily located through Dell’s support page.

If you've got a Dell laptop or desktop, you might want to fix this now

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