Cybercriminals can gain Access to your Social Media Accounts and Systems through Hack Tools and Cheats!

Many internet users these days believe that in order to get free likes or rewards on any site or game, they should use some sort of cheats or hacking techniques. Taking note of this belief, attackers have devised fake cheats and hacking tools to fool these people. These tools/cheats are a way for the attackers to get users’ login details.

Given below are a number of examples that demonstrate how attackers have developed these fake tools and software for famous games as well as renowned sites.


MalwareHunterTeam has identified a new fake hacking tool that encourages users to submit their account information and a URL on an image, and in return, they will get as much likes on their posts as they desire.

However, the reality is quite different as upon submitting the details, the information is sent to the attackers, who can then control the victim’s account.


Who doesn’t want free money? According to MalwareHunterTeam, a new PayPal hack tool tricks PayPal users into entering their personal account information, in exchange of getting an amount transferred to their accounts.

However, the details are sent to the attacker, who can then use the target user’s account to their advantage.


CamFrog allows you to join webcam chat rooms. There is a paid Pro version too that allows users to get a hold of premium features. However, a tool that falsely claims itself to be the one through which you can upgrade to a Pro version, spotted by MalwareHunterTeam, steals your account information by asking you to enter personal information.

If you fall prey to the attack, attackers can gain access to your account and steal videos and use them for blackmailing purposes.

Apex Legends:

It is a popular game that is played across the world. A program, which seems like a cheat for the game, is actually something much worse. It will extract a file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Zpaxhu\Mesyeas.exe upon execution and from there, it will run it.

The file is actually a Remote Access Trojans (RAT) which sends the attackers your keystrokes after noting them, allowing the attacker to have access to everything typed on that specific system, including critical details such as passwords.


The fake Roblox Hack tool involves the use of a download that presents itself as “Free Roblox Account Hacker”. Once it is executed, it selects a number of offers that would be installed.

In reality however, it is simply installing unwanted programs labeled as “adware bundles”, which in turn install a malicious program for stealing users’ data.
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