Here’s How You can Use Social Media to Study Smarter and Ensure Stellar Academic Performance (Infographic)

In this smartphone-obsessed world, social media plays an integral role in the education field. Social media offers innumerable opportunities for learning and collaboration. Students, teachers, and educational institutes can make the most of social media while making learning more engaging and interesting. If truth be told, social media tools have a great potential to promote active learning, communication, and collaboration. When used right, social media platforms can improve the life of students and help them boost their academic performance.

Schools, colleges and universities can harness the prowess of social networking sites and leverage them to provide better educational services, engage with students, make important announcements and share key information.

According to a recent survey, college students spend 3.6 hours a day on their mobile phones, and 87% of them tug their phones along everywhere. Another survey suggests that more than 95% of students have access to a smartphone, while 45% hardly ever go offline. Students prefer to spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp for learning and communication purposes.

Social media helps students in myriad ways – from getting tips on the latest information for their assignments, getting to grips with complex educational topics, preparing for exams, honing note-taking and learning skills, choosing the right career, and participating in group discussions.
Social media networks are making student’s life easier, simpler and hassle-free. Whether you are a medical student or an engineering student, social media tools, if used right, can help you improve your academic performance and get impressive grades.

Here are some amazing tips and strategies that explain how to use social media for making learning fun and how it can create a positive impact on your academic performance.

How Does Social Media Come to the Rescue of Students?

Makes Learning Easy and Fun

One of the best advantages of using social media tools is providing students with easy and fun ways of learning and memorizing difficult concepts. For instance, students can use YouTube, Vimeo, Udemy, Ted Talks and different other tools that allow students to watch interesting and engaging videos, anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to get your head around different to understand topics or intricate procedures, adding social media tools to your study schedule makes it easy to absorb a lot of information in an interesting way.

Serves as a Collaboration and Networking Tool

In this technological world, it has become critically important for students to stay connected to their peers and teachers. With the power of social networking tools, students can build a strong network where they can share valuable ideas, important files, discuss projects, and stay up-to-date on the activities and events happening in their field.

Facilitates Group Discussions

Social media websites facilitate communication and provide students with a great opportunity to connect with their teachers, industry experts, professionals and fellow students. Students can participate in group discussions to share their problems with teachers and discuss the details of the projects. Participating in group discussions promotes collaborative learning and engagement, helping students elevate each other’s work. Students can use a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Google Hangouts and a number of other platforms to share their ideas and important information pertaining to their assignments and curriculum.

Helps You Find the Right Career Opportunities

Social media can serve as an amazing tool that helps students find the right career opportunity in their chosen field. Since social media tools offer great networking opportunities, you can connect with alumni, recruiting agencies, potential coworkers and future employers. By connecting successful people in your field and getting insights on the career that you want to pursue, it gives you a clear idea about the industry and helps you reach a well-informed decision regarding your career.

LinkedIn is one of the best social media networks that helps students tap into the pool of internship and job opportunities. You can impress your employer by creating an inspiring profile on LinkedIn. You can capitalize on social media networks to highlight your skills, talents, creativity, and communication and technical skills, which will greatly boost your chances of getting a job in your chosen field.

Helps You Complete Your Assignments

Whether you are a medical student, studying finance, or completing your engineering degree, you can use social media to complete your assignments and homework. Twitter is an amazing social media network that serves as a great learning tool for students. You can harness the power of hashtags to search for information relevant to your assignment. You will find a number of Twitter accounts, websites and referencing tools that will help you complete your homework. Furthermore, you can also use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the field and recent statistics. It will eventually help raise your grades and stay on the right academic track.

From study guide to media sharing, improving practical skills to finding the right job, completing homework assignment to collaboration and communication, the benefits of using social media are immeasurable. Here are some useful social media tools that students can use to improve their academic performance:

Collaboration and Communication Tools

Google Hangouts

It allows one-to-one messaging, group chat with up to 150 participants, and facilitates online discussions and collaboration.


It helps you connect with educators and peers around the globe with the help of voice and video calls, and enables students to collaborate on classroom projects with peers. It enhances a students understanding of a particular topic.


A platform that facilities group discussions, enhances online learning interactions and facilitates collaboration. You can create, share and comment on images and upload videos, audio files, and documents to share valuable information with others sharing your field of interest.


It is the best learning resource for science students, helping them stay on top of cutting-edge scientific news and latest happenings in the field.

Organizing Your Learning Resources

Google Drive

It provides free cloud storage to safely store your important notes, assignments, images, learning-material and video lectures.


A great collaboration tool that offers a safe place to students, teachers and faculty to store presentations, notes, homework and other important files, and access them from anywhere, anytime.


One of the best note-taking tools that helps students organize all the assignments and learning material, record lectures and start group discussions.


Diigo is a powerful information capturing, storing and sharing tool that allows students to bookmark important websites and access them from anywhere.

Study Tools to Keep You on the Right Track

The tool helps students learn important facts, figures, and terms in a fun and easy way with the help of flashcards, matching strings, and multiple-choice questions.


StudyStack helps students grasp complex educational topics and intricate terminologies in an interesting way. It prepares you for class quizzes and exams while allowing you to create your own flashcards and play different study games to make learning fun.


Hippocampus is a great study tool for students, allowing them to find useful information on a variety of subjects and complete their assignments on time.


An online learning platform that offers more than 100,000 online videos courses on a number of topics.


An online studying platform that helps students upload class material, create electronic flashcards and learn and memorize information faster.

To Hone Your Technical Skills


A video sharing platform that offers video lectures, tutorials and documentaries on a number of topics, helping you clear your concepts, learn new things, and prepare for the exams.


A great video platform that allows students to watch documentaries, tutorials and other helpful videos, helping them to increase their knowledge and improve their practical skills.

LinkedIn SlideShare

It is one of the biggest content sharing community that allows you to find a number of presentations, documents, infographics and videos related to your field.

Multimedia Presentation Tools

Explain Everything

It is an interactive whiteboard platform that allows users to collaborate visually and audibly and share their ideas and thoughts in real-time. It allows students and teachers to create presentations, animated stories and tutorials while providing a creative way of learning.

Adobe Spark

It is a creativity tool for students, allowing them to create presentations, social graphics, videos and visual resumes that will help them stand out from peers.

Concluding Thoughts

No one can deny the fact that social media is playing a significant role in enhancing learning and making it easier to access valuable information from anywhere, anytime. Teachers and students can easily connect with each other and take maximum advantage of these social media platforms to improve the education system and make studying more collaborative and efficient. You can make the best use of your study time by integrating social media platforms mentioned in this post.

Have a look at this infographic created by Windsor University School of Medicine that highlights the importance of social media and how it helps students study smarter and secure impressive grades.

How Can Social Media Help Students Improve Their Academic Performance? (Infographic)

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