New Statistics Show Instagram’s Impact on Business Growth and Sales

Facebook and most of its owned companies rely on ad revenue at this point in time, which means that all of these companies are constantly researching the efficacy of their ads. Facebook recently conducted a study into Instagram’s effectiveness in this regard in particular, and the study revealed some intriguing statistics about how Instagram could potentially drive sales for a particular brand or business, and could potentially give an incentive to newer companies to try Instagram out and see if they like what they are getting all in all.
"We commissioned a two-part study: We hired LRWTonic to interview 70 Instagrammers in 9 countries and Ipsos to survey 21,000 Instagrammers in 13 countries. We discovered that Instagrammers' relationship with the platform is growing stronger, and they see brands as a key part of the Instagram community.", announced Facebook Business team
The first statistic that was revealed was that two out of every three Instagram users (i.e 66 percent) say that they preferred using the app because of the fact that it allowed them to interact directly with brands. The study also showed that this preference for Instagram which resulted in such interaction lead to an increase in sales. Over half of Instagram users (54 percent to be exact) said that they have bought products after having seen them on Instagram feed. What’s more is that 87 percent of respondents said that they did perform some kind of action in response to seeing information about a particular product on Instagram. Furthermore, over half of the respondents (53 percent) say that they have followed brands simply because of the fact that they produced quality content that they found to be appealing.

All of these things come together to show just how effective of a marketing tool Instagram can be. After the release of these findings, a lot of brands are going to be even more eager to check out what Instagram has to offer them.

Learn, how Instagram drives business growth
Photo: Katka Pavlickova

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