Instagram to Launch New Quiz Sticker

Over the past year or so, Instagram has really been doing as much as it can to make it so that its stories feature is used by as many people as possible, and the fact of the matter is that a lot of their updates have been making waves these days. The newest addition to the Story feature is a sticker that allows you to quiz your followers. The sticker will essentially allow you to ask a question and will enable your followers to respond by selecting a few choices here and there.

This is going to increase the likelihood that your followers are going to end up responding to the question that you are asking, which is the actual purpose of you asking these questions in the first place. The primary purpose here would be to increase engagement of course, but Instagram will also be looking to add as many features as possible so that influencers would have a bit of an incentive to move to Instagram Stories. The constant influx of new features is definitely going to keep the buzz around Instagram’s stories alive for a very long period of time indeed, which is something that the social media platform is definitely going to want right now.

It’s not just influencers that are going to be able to use this new feature either, regular users are going to be using it all the time as well since it’s quite difficult to type the answer out to a question and selecting one answer from multiple options is going to be much simpler overall.

Instagram has launched new quiz stickers for Stories

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