Google’s Project Jacquard Makes Comeback at TED Talk

A little while ago, Google announced something that they were referring to as “Project Jacquard”. This project basically involved a jacket that was developed in collaboration with the popular clothing retailer Levi’s, but it was no ordinary jacket that Google was developing. Much on the contrary, Google’s main focus was to create a jacket that could be used to actually control various aspects of technology with a startling amount of ease all in all, and while the project seemed to have died down over time it turns out that Google had never stopped working on it which became clear when the jacket was unveiled at a recent TED Talk that took place in Vancouver.

At this TED Talk, Google’s project head in charge of the Advanced Technology division, Ivan Poupyrev, actually used Project Jacquard to control the entire multimedia presentation that he was giving. It’s important to note that the execution was not at all perfect, indeed on some occasions the technical experts working backstage had to intervene because of the fact that the jacket was not responding as well as it needed to, but this doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the vast majority of the presentation was indeed completed using nothing but the jacket.

Google’s Project Jacquard is still alive, Ivan Poupyrev controls entire TED talk presentation with a Levi’s jacket
Photo: Twitter / ipoupyrev

This just goes to show how quickly technology has been progressing in recent times, and just how much potential is trapped in the human mind. It seems like the purpose of project Jacquard was to allow the technology to become thoroughly proliferated into every single aspect of the world, with Google offering the tech to other manufacturers to incorporate it into their own products as well.

H/T: Techcrunch.
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