Google Maps Now Allows You To Report Traffic Slowdowns Or Car Crash

Google Maps has become synonymous to making life easy, especially when someone is on the road. Another update of the app for Android smartphones now lets users report for traffic slow down or a car crash, to make sure that others don’t follow the route given on the navigation system and save their time.

Getting stuck in an unexpected traffic jam can be nerve wracking and Google understands that. We all have always secretly wished to know about traffic slowdown in advance, just to save time. The reported features saw the daylight during the month of March and it was first noted by 9To5Google team.

For anyone who wants to use the feature stated above, all you have to do is switch to the navigation mode in the Google Maps App for Android (version 10.12.1), tap on the circular ‘arrow up' button in the slide out menu and click on ‘Add a report' option for further action. The reporting tools here will include Slowdown and Crash buttons.
Google Maps on Android will soon let you update traffic jams

However, some reports also claim that the option of slowdown might appear in a different language, depending upon what you have selected for your phone. For instance, phones with English (UK) will see ‘Congestion' on the reporting screen instead of ‘Slowdown'. The later, on the other hand will appear for English (US).

There hasn’t been any confirmation about the release of this feature on iOS, but Android fans can enjoy the more hassle-free experience by updating the app right now.
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