Google Maps Adds A Sorting Filter In Photos Section - Most Recent Pictures Will Appear First!

Getting the most out of your maps is a daily necessity and understanding customer’s demands thoroughly, Google has decided to revamp the photos section within the app. The aim is to make the app more productive and let users make the best decisions before deciding to go to any place.

The recent addition in the app now showcases the option to see the most recent pictures of the selected locations. So, when you’ll have plans to checkout a restaurant, book any hotel room or browse places before visiting, the app will update you if it is worth visiting or not.

This feature has brought some noticeable changes in the listings of Photos section on Google Maps. Previously, there was a wide bar on the top, helping you to navigate to different sub-sections. However, the update shows that those sub-sections are now represented by slightly larger cards having rounded borders. They almost look like rectangles and you can have access to them by just swiping up.

New Google Maps Sorting filter helps users see a location's most recent photos and videos first

Apart from that, you can also select the 360-degree photos section that is seen upfront in the rectangle boxes after the 'Latest' category. This new look is making more pictures and videos pop up due to the presentation of content into columns instead of rows.
While this all looks fancy, Google indeed will have to work hard to make sure that they get the most recent pictures for the app or else a three months old picture won’t help every day. It should be able to update its users if the selected site gets closed for renovation or reconstruction.

You can avail these features starting from version 10.21.1 to the latest v10.13.0 (beta) from Google Play or third party stores.

You can now select and browse 360-degree views in Google maps

Screenshots courtesy of Androidpolice.

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