Google Assistant for Android Getting a Visual Refresh

A few months back Google Assistant on mobiles received a visual makeover. Now the company has given its service little yet welcoming tweaks on Android devices. This would make the visual responses more aligned and in a better way, as on other services by Google.

The responses given on android when asked about any event will look exactly as they appear when a query is searched from the Android web browser. So far Google had been showing a pared-down version in the Assistant.

Previously Assistant showed the list of websites that were displayed as a result of a query in the form of boxed aligned vertically, a layout which was not user-friendly. Whereas now the standard Google Search layout is shown.

It is being considered a somewhat controversial idea as for the first time Google is displaying its usual search ads in the search results of Assistant. Though such results are shown for a small number of queries only it is being feared that more ads will be brought to Assistant in future.
"We’re bringing a new update to Android phones that will provide better visual responses and more complete information at a glance.", announced Danielle Buckley, Senior Product Manager at Google, in a blog post.
According to Google, advertisers will not be able to get any information about Assistant users, neither will be able to target their ads.

There will now be built-in mortgage calculators, tip calculator, color pickers and also bubble levels in the Assistant. Along with this, instead of showing the current price of the quote, a full interactive graph will be shown when a stock quote is asked for.

For now, only US Android users will have access to it, and for the rest, it will soon be rolled out.

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