Does Google Assistant Show You Ads As Search Results?

Google Assistant is supposed to be the end all AI assistant in terms of Android’s current capabilities. However, a Twitter user Gennaro Cuofano ‏recently noticed that when he asked Google Assistant a question through the voice query feature, the search result that they got was an ad. This is strange considering the fact that the search results should ideally give you nonpartisan, objective information, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of factors that could come into play here all of which could end up playing a role in bringing you ads instead of genuine search results.

It should be noted that not all users are getting the same results even if they are giving the app the exact same query. What this means is that some users are being shown ads and some are not. Other users claimed that the search results mirrored Google’s search engine results in that the organic results came after the ads. Google have released a vague statement saying that they are constantly working to improve user experience but that they don’t have any more information to give at this point in time.

Google tests ads in Assistant results
Screenshot: Twitter Ourweekmba | Featured Photo: Engadget

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