Google, YouTube, Facebook: The World's Most Popular Websites in 2019

With the invention of internet, websites have become the ultimate source of information for mankind. In fact, the title can be described as a more common thought that millions of users have in their mind every year regarding the internet. The process of opening hundreds of websites daily for work, entertainment or even study etc. has become a lot more easy. While the credit indeed goes to the networking technology for making the experience better with time, still the people who started making websites and developing the world of internet also contributed a great deal.

Today, an internet connection stands as an external organ that every human being needs. It has opened doors of endless possibilities but at the same time, it created a stiff competition as well.

So, today we are going to deep dive into the most basic and important information related to the websites.

From tech giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube to SEO ranked websites, everyone is involved in the battle of gaining the maximum visitors. Some of you might already know that Google is a forever king in the list of most popular website, yet there are still a lot of surprises, that one should know.

The list is compiled by SimilarWeb and the positions are based on the number of visitors each website had in the month of March 2019.

This chart shows the domains with the most visits in March 2019, excluding NSFW/Porn websites.

Visits Per Month in Billion
63.14 Billion
25.19 Billion
21.18 Billion
10.53 Billion
5.27 Billion
4.07 Billion
4.02 Billion
3.16 Billion
3.13 Billion
2.64 Billion
2.48 Billion
2.43 Billion
2.2 Billion
1.97 Billion
1.7 Billion
1.6 Billion
1.16 Billion

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