Google Hasn’t Provided Android Version Statistics in 6 Months

Google provides a lot of statistics to the public, and one of the most important statistics that the search engine juggernaut provides has to do with the prevalence of the kinds of Android devices that are being used along with the versions of operating systems that these devices might be running at any given point in time.

However, Google has not updated this information in the past six months. While it is true that for most users this data is going to be more or less meaningless because of the fact that it would not really have anything to do with the manner in which they would want to go about their day to day routine, it is also true that if you want to be able to find a way to become a developer then this data ends up becoming crucial to your success.

The reason that developers need this data is because of the fact that it would allow them to give smoother user experiences to their user base. For example, an app that is being created will need to be optimized according to the most popular version of Android at the time. If this information has not been made publicly available by Google, developers are going to face numerous problems trying to find a way to optimize their apps.

Over the past few months, when asked about the lack of information being made available Google has claimed that this is because of maintenance. However, six months have passed and the maintenance has not yet ended, so this could be due to the lower than expected numbers for Android Pie which Google may be trying to hide.

Google Hasn’t Updated Android Version Distribution Stats in the past 6 Months, and That’s not a good news
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