Flaw in Google Chrome Causes 500 Million Pop Ups on iOS

Google Chrome is often the browser of choice for a lot of people, even those that are using Apple Products which generally tend to offer Safari as the default browser at least most of the time. However, people that have been using Google Chrome on iOS devices have probably noticed something very strange happening, something that probably lead to them being quite confused all in all.

Basically, what was happening was that while using Google Chrome you were probably getting a few popups that you were not quite used to all in all. These popups look a little different from your regular run of the mill popups, because of the fact that they look more like flash messages that you would get on your phone, and they offer rewards for certain activities that are pretty much definitely going to be a scam.

Massive eGobbler Malvertising Campaign Leverages Chrome Vulnerability To Target iOS Users
Photo: Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images

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It turns out that over the course of the past two weeks there have been an incredible half a billion popups that have been occurring all over the place. These 500 million popups feature one of thirty ads, all of which have come from a group called eGobbler which is known for committing acts of cybercrime on a more or less regular basis all in all. It turns out that the whole reason these ads are coming up is because of the fact that eGobbler has managed to take advantage of a vulnerability that has been found in Google Chrome’s ad blocker. This will have to be addressed in up coming Google updates if the tech giant wants people to feel secure while using its platform.

"With half a billion user sessions impacted, this is among the top three massive malvertising campaigns that we have seen in the last 18 months.", explained Eliya Stein, Security Engineering & Research at Confiant.

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