TikTok Adds Safety Features After Backlash

One thing that a lot of people have started to realize in the past few months after the enormous backlash that platforms like YouTube have faced is that the internet can be a very dangerous place for kids. One reason for this is that there a lot of predators out there that would try to prey on kids, and since the social media platforms are so easily accessible kids often end up in places that they did not mean to go, thereby putting themselves at great risk. A lot of younger users are content creators as well, especially on the app TikTok which recently came under fire for not taking enough measures to preserve the privacy of children.

TikTok has added a bunch of new features that are meant to make the platform safer for teens to use, as well as for creators that make kid friendly content or any kind of content that features children in it. One of the most important safety features that they have added is a comment filter. This filter will basically give you a lot more control over the kind of comments you receive. You will be able to filter out content that might be harmful for children.

An added benefit of this is that content creators will be able to prevent certain kinds of speech from being placed on their videos. Hate speech, bigotry and a variety of other problems are rife in the world of open forums. You will be able to prevent this kind of speech from being added to your comment sections as well.

In addition, TikTok also emphasis on a "Who can send me messages" feature that will enable users to stop receiving DMs from all friends altogether, an option that kind of pause all the direct messages until the users turn them back on.

Photo: Ricky Kresslein / Shutterstock
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