Facebook Improves its Stories Feature

Facebook stories are perhaps not quite as popular as other versions of this feature. Snapchat, the creator of this kind of way of connecting with people and sharing content, is still highly popular in this regard, and Facebook’s own Instagram tends to overshadow its parent company as far as Stories are concerned. That being said, the feature is definitely used by quite a few people, this was inevitable considering the sheer scale of Facebook’s user base.

As a result of this fact, Facebook has introduced a new tool that can be used in Facebook Stories. This will basically allow you to share events to your Stories. This feature, which is currently being tested out in the US as well as Brazil and Mexico, will basically give you a new option when you go to an event page. If you scroll to where it says “share” and click on it, you will be given a variety of ways in which you can do so. One of these will be a button that will enable you to share the event to your Story, giving people a glimpse of where you are going to be. Facebook’s goal in this regard is to boost the chances of people connecting with each other through the platform.
"Interested in an event on Facebook? Now you can share it to your FB Story and start group chats with friends who are interested too.", announced Facebook team in a Tweet.
Facebook will also be releasing exclusive stickers as well as frames for International Women’s day, and the company hopes that these will be used in conjunction with the new event sharing feature to get more people involved in this important day and allow them to educate themselves about the rights of women and how they can help in this regard.

Facebook lets you share events in Stories

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