Study: YouTube stars and Instagram influencers, among the highest earning online content creators

Nearly 17 million people residing in US earned money in 2017 by publishing content on online platforms, according to RecreateCoalition study. The number is significantly higher than the estimated number of manufacturing workers in US that year, which rounds up to 12 million.

Moreover, the collective revenue generated that year was over 4 billion dollars. This number was way up (20%) than the revenue generated in 2016. ReCreate Coalition conducted a thorough analysis of 9 platforms by analyzing the number of creators posting content on them and the total income being earned during the process.
"Social media continues to amplify the reach of U.S. creators. Most visitors to the nine platforms visit directly or through search engines, but a significant share use links from social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and Twitter.", explained Re:Create team.
YouTube and Instagram emerged as the biggest winners in 2017. The former had content creators earn the most revenue ($4,004 million dollars, which is 21.1% more than the total amount earned in 2016). Instagram, on the other hand, had the total income increase by 49.5% over the course of one year and the amount earned was 460 million dollars. WordPress, unfortunately, showed a decline of 20.8% in the total income as compared to the total generated in 2016. Other popular platforms in the study were Etsy, Amazon Publishing, Tumblr and twitch.
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However, it should be noted that the study didn’t account for such celebrities or artists who post on Social Media platforms but earn through brand endorsements and sponsorships. Regardless, it is quite impressive how online platforms have nearly become an earning hub for content creators and artists alike.

CREATIVE ECONOMY: Where Online Content Creators Make Money
Chart courtesy of: Statista.

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