Password Free Logins Have Now Been Standardized

If you have an account on the internet, whether it is an email address or an online banking account, it is generally going to be protected by some kind of password. This has worked fairly well for some time, although there have been problems associated with hackers gaining access to this information and entering accounts where sensitive information could potentially end up being derived. A few sites out there don’t use passwords, offering a kind of password free login that is authenticated in a wide variety of ways.

It seems like times are changing because of the fact that WebAuthn, an unofficial password free login facility, is now being standardized so that everyone can log in to these sites in the exact same way. Now, if you want a higher level of security than what can be offered by a mere password and username combination, you will be able to gain access to your accounts using far more secure means.
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One these means involves using biometric data, such as your fingerprints which can be scanned through external hardware and compared to a list of prints that are available in a database. Security keys that come in the form of USBs can also be used, wherein you would have to plug the USB into your system and it would automatically link up with the account you are trying to access. A combination of these security methods could also be used to help you make the most of these safety measures, thereby allowing you to enjoy a far greater level of security for your private and personal information than has previously been possible.

The internet just got an official password-free login standard
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