Mozilla Firefox brings out Send – a file sharing platform with self-destructing features

Mozilla Firefox is coming up with a new encrypted self-destructing file-sharing platform by the name of Firefox Send. The service has been in beta mode since 2017 and will officially launch on Tuesday.

The Firefox Send will allow users to send up to 1GB of files for free. The users who sign up for a free Firefox account can also have their accounts bumped up to 2.5 GB. It should be noted that there are no paid versions for Firefox Send as of now.

Files on Firefox Send will have temporary lives. This simply means that each file link will come with an expiry that will be liable after a certain time or a number of downloads.

To use Firefox Send, users just have to go to the website and upload whatever file they would like to share right from the main page. No login is required while the website is also free from the bothersome advertisements and popups that are a standard in most file uploading websites.
"We know there are several cloud sharing solutions out there, but as a continuation of our mission to bring you more private and safer choices, you can trust that your information is safe with Send.", announced Nick Nguyen in a blog post on Firefox site.
Once the user uploads the file, the user can choose to have the download link expire in as little as 5 minutes or after one download. Currently, the platform allows links to remain for as long as 7 days or 100 downloads. However, it forces users to pick a timeframe and removes the link after the expiry time or download limit is reached.

The users also have an option to password-protect their file link. If this is the case, the platform provides an encrypted file link for ease of sharing.

Mozilla Firefox brings out Send – a file sharing platform with self-destructing features

The tech nonprofit Mozilla is gradually becoming a privacy advocate and putting giant companies like Facebook on the spot for its bad data practices. Besides the secure and private file-sharing service, the company has rolled out several prominent privacy features on its web browsers to protect user data.

According to an official announcement by Mozilla, a beta version of Firefox Send for Android users will be available later this week.

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