Microsoft Bing Removed Millions of Bad Ads Along With Various Accounts in 2018

Bing ads have taken down several accounts, suspending nearly 200,000 accounts in 2018 alone. According to its annual report on ad quality, 900 million ads and 300,000 sites have also been removed from the platform.

While cleaning up the platform, Bing had mainly removed Tech support scams, weapons, and Crypto related accounts and ads.

Scammers have been using different schemes over the years using tech support, which led to restricting all the third party tech support advertisers. There have been a number of scams that redirecting users from original ads to fake support pages, which would show errors like the there is a virus on the device or a computer has been locked, persuading users to go for the support services.

More than 12,000 tech support scam accounts have been removed from the Microsoft properties, which is 320 percent more than what was removed in 2017.

Fraudsters have been using cryptocurrency because it is not only speculating but also there is minimal regulatory over it. 5 million ads related to crypto had been removed in 2018, and this year by May, Bing ads have banned the cryptocurrency ads.

By June, the platform aims to limit the weapon related ads, and by far it had removed around 18 million ads and 50,000 websites related to weapons.

The bad ads can be a threat to a company’s reputation and can also make them loose good advertisers. The company has said that it will continue to make efforts through machine learning as well as allowing domain experts to identify these bad actors.

Bing Ads bad account takedowns doubled in 2018
Photo: Reuters
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