Facebook is Reportedly Testing Several New Features for Groups and Pages!

Facebook, the biggest social media networking platform, is known for evolving with time. Over the years, several new features have been added which have made the platform more exciting. In addition to that, countless existing features and functionalities have also been modified to make the user experience smoother.

A couple of days ago, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about a number of features that Facebook is testing at the moment. These features were mainly related to Pages and Groups. Wong also added screenshots along with her tweets, giving people some insight in the process.

The first feature concerns the Page Admins. Wong revealed that the Page Admin buttons are being redesigned. We got a sneak peek at the “Activity” and “Insight” buttons.

Secondly, a highly requested Group feature might also be in development. YES! It is the feature that will allow you to create Facebook groups without having to invite someone first. Currently, it is mandatory to invite at least one friend of yours in order to create the group. This has proven to be a little inconvenient for users who wish to create a Group without having any of their friends added in it.
Last but not the least, a “Manage Groups” feature is also being tested out. It will make it much easier for the users to control various settings of the groups they are a part of. We got our first look at 4 such settings which are:
  • Notifications: Allows you to set preferences for receiving notifications from the joined groups.
  • Pin: Allows you to pin commonly used or favorite groups so they can be accessed promptly.
  • Following: Allows you to control which groups’ content you would like to see on your Newsfeed by following/unfollowing those groups.
  • Membership: Allows you to view the list of groups you are a part of and leave those you are no longer interested in.

It’s unclear when Facebook will be rolling out these features and WHETHER it will be releasing all of them or not. However, they do sound interesting and are surely being anticipated!

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Featured photo: Associated Press / Thibault Camus
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