How You Can Watch the Unsearchable yet Addictive Default Filename Videos on YouTube

Once YouTube was filled with random videos where people filmed their daily lives. But now the platform is more about the trailers of movies, commercials, and other fancy stuff. is a website which plays the YouTube videos that were uploaded with the camera's default filename.

The same effort has been done previously also where videos with zero views were played that could be entertaining as well as annoying. Whereas this website plays videos that have a few views, sometimes in thousands but the videos are made by unprofessional, who upload it with automated tools or the videos are uploaded directly without editing or any kind of improvement. One thing that is common is the uploaders do not know how to increase their views on YouTube, search optimization technique is not leveraged and at times they are not even aware that their video is uploaded on YouTube.
"Default filename TV 📺 is a YouTube aggregator that serves only videos that never had their filenames edited out of the camera.", Tweeted Everest Pipkin the creator of Default filename site.
The preview of the video can also be seen while it is being loaded so you know what you are about to watch next. This could be an absurd content as well and you can notice it before actually watching it.

Nowadays people rarely upload anything related to their daily lives without making it more likable in one way or the other. Through, random videos which show the reality and could contain cute stuff or sometimes the disturbing one can also be watched, something that you will not find common on the video platform.

An example of such video:

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