Artificial Intelligence Stats Show How Machine Learning Will Evolve Our Lives In Future [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science field which focuses on creating machines that can produce similar (or even better) results as compared to human force. Chatbots, automated vehicles, digital and virtual assistants are all part of AI.

With time, all the science fiction we used to imagine or watch on movies are now quickly turning into realities. AI has taken over almost all the industry, be it healthcare, education or manufacturing. It has also affected our thinking behaviors and day to day activities.

AI has a strong impact on startups and investments, voice search, robotics, virtual assistants and many more. According to researches, AI’s current stats and its future scope are very bright.

In 2016, the AI market globally was only $4 billion whereas, by 2025, it is expected to reach $169 billion. Due to AI, global GDP is expected to reach $15.7 trillion in the next decade almost. It has the potential to increase business efficiency by 40 percent.

There has been 14 times more growth in AI startups and investment in AI has grown 6 times more in the last 19 years. AI is so much embedded in almost everything that 77 percent of the devices we use are having AI in one form or the other.

Cyborg technology is also expected to help people overcome physical impairments. The most surprising news of all is that according to Google, robots to be launched next year will be able to do some of the more complex tasks of human-like being smart enough to crack jokes or flirt with some.

The infographic below shows how soon robots will be able to replace us in many activities. AI is expected to be involved in every aspect of life and will be doing almost all jobs done by human in the coming few decades.

Artificial Intelligence Stats About Smarter Machines [Infographic]
Artificial Intelligence Stats Show How Machine Learning Will Evolve Our Lives In Future [Infographic]
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