60+ Fascinating Smartphone Apps Usage Statistics For 2019

The evolution of internet is always described as a miracle that changed the world forever. While the scale is getting bigger and bigger, people have used the internet to discover opportunities and chase the impossible, which together shaped up our lifestyle for better.

Today internet is all around us; in our smartphones, computers, Televisions and what not. But surprisingly, the stand alone beneficiary of this invention turned out to be apps. They now serve as necessary daily drivers for every human and may be that is why apps will always be on the rise.

With the passage of time and ever increasing competition, we expect more and more from all the apps that we use because in the end technology should make life easier. So after almost a decade of revolutionary apps, free and paid, that also delivered quality entertainment, updated us with news every second, expanded our knowledge, and provided much better communication experiences, where does the app culture really stand in 2019?

To explain the matter in detail, TechJury has compiled some of the most fascinating facts about the usage of apps. The infographic below, will show you that after gaining almost 50% of internet traffic worldwide, which apps have really made it big, what are the latest challenges and what is an average consumer really doing with apps on his smartphone.

100+ Amazing Apps Usage Facts for 2019 [Infographic]

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Key stats from above visual:

On average, a person has more than 80 apps installed on its smartphone.

The average person uses 9 mobile apps on a daily basis and 30 apps in a month.

We spend 3.1 hours a day consuming media (videos, pictures, etc.) on mobile.

46% of users have the Facebook app on their home screens.

60% female users play games on their phone daily in contrast to 47% of male users.

Gaming apps account for 80% of all app revenue.

81% of users would uninstall an app and find another vendor because of security.

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