Advertisers ask for more branding tools and authentic measurements from Instagram

Instagram is constantly working to improve its branding regime by introducing different features to enhance branded content on its platform. This week the Facebook-owned network has announced that it's working on a new advertising option to better facilitate brands and creators. Initially branded content tagging system will work for posts and stories format.

However, speaking at an Instagram media event, director for global Neutrogena digital transformation and sustainability said that the social media platform lacks in the ability to provide measurements – and converting engagements to sales. Edlynne Laryea, the director claims that their company invests in many channels and it would be great if they could also have access to concrete measures for branded content.

Beauty blogger Katie Sturino agreed with the points mentioned by Laryea and said she can strike better deals if her efforts were combined with hard metrics, especially those related to the Stories feature.

According to statistics noted by Alyssa Bereznak, 69% of users say they come to Instagram to interact with celebrities, while 80% choose to follow business accounts. However, the company has a long way to go when it comes to the metrics and ad attribution.

Instagram Headquarter in NYC event hosted by Ashley Yuki - product management lead
Photo: Alyssa Bereznak / Twitter

At the event, Instagram unveiled its plans to improve branding content in the year 2019. Some of the upcoming features to enhance brand authority include:
  • Access to paid partnership tools
  • Removing fake accounts as well as inauthentic likes, comments that often come from third-party apps
  • Allowing brands to run branded content as advertising
Additionally, the company acknowledged the Beta testing they conducted in December on a set of tools specifically developed for the creators. With these tools, the advertisers can get a better understanding of their followers.

Moreover, the improved tools include Inbox filters allowing the creators to distinguish between personal and professional messages.
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