Instagram to Begin Testing Creator Accounts

Instagram was initially just a place where people could upload pictures and share them with one another. However, in a manner that is similar to the trajectory followed by YouTube, Instagram has become a hub of content. Now there are people that legitimately work on creating content that they can post on the platform, and there are a high profile influencers that earn money because of the fact that they have a high follower count and can advertise for people based on the influence they have earned in the sphere of social media.

In acknowledgement of these influencers, Instagram will start offering Creator accounts. These accounts will give high profile influencers with a large number of followers the ability to filter out their inboxes. An added benefit of these accounts is that they will allow users to get much more in depth looks into their viewer and follower statistics.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has consistently used the platform as a weapon of sorts against its various rivals. It introduced the stories feature so that people would have an alternative to Snapchat, they introduced Instagram Video so that YouTube’s hold over the world of video content could be weakened to some extent, and this new update might be an attempt to demolish what is left of Twitter by giving an alternative to verified accounts. The fact that it will give YouTube a little more to worry about makes it a bit of a two pronged attack.

According to Instagram’s product manager, Ashley Yuki, the platform wants to start giving creators and artistically inclined individuals the chance to build a community on the platform. This definitely sounds like something that YouTube is currently doing, and with the problems that creators often have with that platform Instagram’s “Creator Accounts” strategy might just succeed.
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Instagram is testing Creator Accounts for high-profile influencers
Image: Blogtrepreneur / Flickr
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