Research Proves 'Influencer' As One Of The Most Popular Career Options Among Children

Imagine your kid or younger sibling telling you that they want to become an ‘influencer’ when they grow up. Sounds pretty strange, right? But this seems to be the reality now as children in UK are actually aiming for a career in the world of social media. With the current wave of social media influencers and YouTubers, children are getting more inspired by them than any other profession out there.

According to a recent study which was conducted with 2,000 parents having at least one child aged between 11 and 16, it has been proved that social media influencer and YouTuber stood second (17 per cent) and third (14 per cent) in the list of most popular professions that children wish to pursue for their careers. Doctors topped the list with 18 per cent.

With such a massive turnaround, their parents still had opposite views about it as in the similar research, it was also observed that 45 per cent of parents didn’t know much about social media influencers while a whopping 58 per cent never knew that such professionals also make a lot of money.
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Carina Toledo, influencer marketing consultant at Awin, also believes that the current rise in influencer marketing is producing great opportunities of business for individuals and brands as the data even shows a great hike in activity on the internet and sales too. So it obviously is a win-win situation for anyone being involved in it, however, the results do come slow and with a lot of hard work.

While unconventional jobs are going to be the future, one cannot overshadow the importance of traditional jobs as well because still a chunk of such jobs run the world.

Young affiliates: nearly a fifth of British children aspire to be social media influencers
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