Site Health, New Plugins and many more improvements arrive with WordPress 5.1

To say that WordPress is getting bigger with time would be an understatement. A CMS (content management system) that powers over a quarter of the web has recently launched an updated version. The latest version is WordPress 5.1, which is being dubbed as “Betty”, a tribute to Betty Carter, an admired jazz vocalist.

The new release mainly focuses on polishing the editor’s complete presentation in the blog management tool. The newly launched updated version can be downloaded very easily from To add icing on the top, it is available in nearly 34 languages.

A noteworthy addition is “Site Health”, which is basically a group of security and speed based features. This feature is for WordPress administrators only. It will notify them about important messages and warnings. One prime example of this alert message is if the administrator is running an outdated version of PHP (the programming language with the help of which WordPress operates), and they need to install a new plugin, which demands an updated version of PHP. In such case, the installation will not proceed unless PHP is updated. There are several other important messages and warnings that will be brought up, thanks to the introduction of Site Health.
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WordPress 5.1 also aims to improve the performance of block-based editor introduced in version 5.0. Although the users should expect the editor to be smoother and more convenient to use, the company has promised that the best is still yet to come.

In addition to these key features, WordPress 5.1 also made some much-needed adjustments which are:
  • Multisite metadata: A much-needed database table for storing site-related metadata as well as other types of site data related to a networking framework.
  • New JS Build Processes: A new JavaScript build feature that will help in the reorganization of code.
  • Updated values for the WP_DEBUG_LOG constant
  • Cron API: An updated Cron API with new functions to help with returning data and much-needed filters for amending Cron storage
  • New plugin action hooks and new test config file constant in the test suite
  • A brand new human_readable_duration function
  • Short-circuit filters for WP_User_Query, wp_unique_post_slug() and count_users()
  • Restricted LIKE support for meta keys while WP_Meta_Query is in effect
  • Enhanced taxonomy metabox sanitization
  • A different “doing it wrong” notice while processing REST API endpoints
Only time will tell what changes come with WordPress 5.2, but it looks like things will only get better moving forward.

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WordPress 5.1 arrives with Site Health, editor performance improvements, and developer features
Photo: Hoch Zwei / Getty Images
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