Twitter To Introduce Clarification Feature For Old Tweets

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter does not allow its users to edit their tweets. The company is now thinking to facilitate users in some way that they can make more sense to their tweets once they are posted.

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey in an event said that they are thinking of adding a feature that will let people add annotation or comment to their tweet if they feel like it has been misunderstood or any other blunder. According to Dorsey, they want to create something that will let people clarify themselves about a tweet.

Twitter already let people add in or continue their tweet by retweeting it and putting in additional information to the previous tweet. The new feature being talked about is considered to be a little different than this.
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If the plan is executed, it would let people go back to their tweet, be it years old or the latest one, add the annotation or further made it clear. Once the annotation has been added, it will appear wherever the original tweet will be shared. Unlike the existing retweet feature, it would be attached to tweet and can be seen along with it at all places.

There are cases were old tweets of people have affected them greatly, in one way or the other. By introducing the clarification feature, it would attach the comment or clarification made with the original tweet, permanently.

Sorry Twitter users, you still can’t edit your tweets, but you may soon be able to “clarify” them
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