Twitter Users Can Still Access Their Years Old Deleted DMs

Twitter let users delete Direct Messages (DMs) from their conversations, while the recipient can still have the message unless he or she also decides to delete it. The message deleted may disappear from chat, but Twitter still has them stored.

Karan Saini, a security researcher reported that even after showing that message is deleted, the platform stores all years ago DMs. These messages can be accessed by downloading the archived data from their respective accounts. All the deleted messages, be sent or received, or of suspended accounts are all preserved.
"DMs are never “deleted”—rather only withheld from appearing in the UI. The archive feature lets you view these DMs, as well as any others with now suspended, or deactivated users.", explained Karan Saini in a Tweet. 
Though it is stored by Twitter, only the user who sent or received those messages can have access to it. But Twitter despite saying that it has deleted the data has not actually deleted it, reported TechCrunch. Twitter responded on the issue saying that they are still looking into it but no action has yet been promised.

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