Apple and AT&T Conspire With Fake 5G

Apple kind of endorsed AT&T’s fake 5G E network
Now that 4G has become so common in the modern world, people are anxiously awaiting the release of 5G which is going to help usher in a whole new era of internet connectivity, one that would allow you to make the most of the potential of the internet and enjoy incredibly high speeds at all times. However, no matter how badly we want 5G to come right away, we are going to have to wait a while before it finally becomes available. This reality hasn’t stopped AT&T from trying to trick people through a false marketing campaign, however.

AT&T is promoting its regular LTE network as 5G E, with the E standing for Evolution. This is probably being done in an attempt to make people think that AT&T is offering the long awaited upgrade to 4G, which is decidedly underhanded. What’s even more shocking is that Apple seems to be endorsing this false marketing campaign through an update that will start showing the “5G E” sign if the person is using AT&T’s service, thus making it even more likely that people would end up being fooled because of the fact that two companies are doing so together.

iOS 12.2 beta comes with a new AT&T's fake 5G symbol
Screenshot: Siddavarapu / Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Apple and AT&T have worked together to trick consumers into thinking that they were receiving a specific kind of product when they actually weren’t. Apple marketed LTE networks when they did not have access to them yet as the market was not yet mature enough to receive them, and AT&T helped them do it. This shows a scary pattern that is aggressively predatory and can potentially force people into paying extra for a service that they believe they are going to get but are only going to get the same old speeds as always.
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