Mark Zuckerberg claims that the foundation of Facebook was built on the basis of safeguarding users' privacy

“Facebook values privacy”, not the words one can expect from Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. However, Zuckerberg has recently assured everyone that the Social Media Giant does value privacy, and this isn’t where it ends, as Facebook should also be regarded as the innovator of privacy, according to him.

Zuckerberg recently had a conversation with a Harvard Law Professor, Jonathan Zittrain. Zuckerberg explained how his claims regarding Facebook being the innovator of privacy may not be termed believable. However, he described how the original intention behind the idea of Facebook was to give the Harvard students a system to communicate with each other privately.

The reason many people don’t buy these claims is because Facebook has been surrounded by controversies for the past few years, most of them concerning privacy scandals (selling users’ data which in turn helps in generating ad revenue, the primary source of Facebook’s success and income). Moreover, the leading social media platform has also been accused of keeping track of the users’ activities after they have logged out of their accounts.

It seems like Facebook's CEO is trying to once again win the trust of public with these claims. Although it is not certain that appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that users’ privacy will be safeguarded from here on, the claims were interesting and surely makes one think that something new is definitely being worked on.

Mark Zuckerberg Claims That Facebook Promotes Privacy
Photo: Justin Sullivan | Getty Images
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