Facebook again amidst controversy: Accused of tracking non-users via Android apps

A report reveals that several android apps are sending tracking and personal information back to Facebook. The report presented by the Privacy International at 35C3 hacking conference held in Germany claims that renowned apps such as Yelp, Kayak, and Shazam are also responsible for transferring data to Facebook.

The team at Privacy International assessed data of 34 Android apps and concluded that at least 61% of them send user data to Facebook instantly after the app is open. This is prevalent even if the user does not have a Facebook account or whether they are logged into the social media platform or not.

According to the report, the information sends to the social networking platform are usually very detailed and sometimes sensitive. The data includes the device being used by the individual, their time zone, browsing activities, and even information regarding their health or religion.

Privacy International conducted a detailed analysis on each of the apps they tested. For a complete report on these apps, check out the official website of Privacy International here.
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Privacy International condemned the Facebook SDK for Android by stating that the company is using personal data of app users without their consent.

When contacted Facebook, the company denied all such accusations and highlighted that most apps are fixed on using default settings. The default settings allow developers to share user’s data with third parties.

Nevertheless, the report concludes that since Facebook is not being transparent about the data transferred by third parties, their report can raise a number of legal questions.

Stay updated with us to see how the story unfolds.

Several popular Android apps are sending data to Facebook without permission
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