LinkedIn' Intelligent Hiring Experience Is Bringing All The Right Changes This Year

LinkedIn’s new aim includes making things easier for the recruiters and for the similar propose, the hiring tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs and Pipeline Builder are now going to get converted into a single large platform called Intelligent Hiring Experience. After a year of rebuilding phase, the professional networking website will show the new platform in summers this year along with 15 more product improvements.

Primarily, the new Intelligent Hiring Experience would let recruiters search for the right talent on LinkedIn at one place. This would not only facilitate the hiring process by being less time consuming but can prove out to be pretty much handy in finding right skills for the advertised job position.

On job-seekers side, they will know get Instant Job Notifications whenever a new position related to their field is listed on LinkedIn.

Recruiters will be able to use a Talent Pool tab for a listed project which will assist them in managing candidates, search results or media leads. Along with that, another Recommended Candidates tab will specify recruiter’s work by learning more about what the recruiter is looking for based on engagements.
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This new platform will also let recruiters know about the skills a job seeker has even if they haven’t mentioned on profile. For this, they will consider people with the same job history and what skills do they possess.

Moreover, Shared InMails would let all recruiting team members read the conversation with the candidate and even add notes by tagging each other.

The most unfortunate thing for any professional is rejection and keeping that in mind LinkedIn has brought up the much needed change of creating an option to send rejection messages to applicants, either individually or in bulk.

As per a report by Virgin Media, not responding to candidate makes the 40% of applicants hate the company which together results into a cost of nearly $5 Million per year. So informing them in the right way was always necessary.

With such intelligent hiring tools, it would just be a matter of time till online hiring process simplifies and becomes more efficient for recruiter and job seeker.

LinkedIn Announces It’s Moving Its Core Talent Tools Onto One Platform
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