Instagram Is Testing Pinterest-like Public Collections Feature

After beating Snapchat in its own distinctive feature, Instagram is set to attack Pinterest. The company is about to make “Collections”, a group-like feature which will allow other people to contribute to it.

Two years ago, Instagram introduced a “Collections” option which was private letting users save and organize favorite posts on the platform. Now that it will be publicly available, Instagram will be giving Pinterest a tough time.

This would allow people to share their interests in terms of travel destinations, fashion, arts etc. at times, some of the accounts steal others’ memes or posts, screenshot and post it on on their own account. This had been much problematic for many content curators. By making Collections public, people would be able to show their loved posts with due credit to the original creator. This is exactly the kind of feature Pinterest offers its users.

This would let tag contributors who can add to the public Collection. Previously it was a private feature, letting you save your bookmarked posts.

For now, Instagram had denied the news saying that they are not testing it, which is their usual response. According to Jane Manchun Wong (a beta app tester) it is under development and could take a little time before it is made viable for the public. This could be another way to engage users, as Facebook launched its shareable "Sets" 2 years ago and the same year, 2017, launched shareable collections.

Mark Zuckerberg has already announced about introducing e-commerce platform associated with Instagram. Public Collections could pay a huge role in this venture. According to reports, Instagram is also working on a separate shopping app.

After six months of the launch of SnapChat, Instagram introduces the same feature. As predicted, Snapchat growth reduced by 88 percent and there has not been much growth. When it comes to Pinterest, Instagram is four times bigger than it, making it more desirable for users to use it for collections sharing rather than opting for Pinterest.

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Featured Photo: Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images
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