Is social media the cause of partition in society? Can it be used to reconnect the gaps?

Can social media heal society’s divisions and reconnect people?Every day we see varied posts on social media feeds that are filled with negative comments and opinions. Simply share or comment on a discreet message and people will start a name-calling war with friends who don’t see eye to eye as you.

This is an everyday cycle of social media where negativity and user-based opinions dominate the timelines.

In fact, Sprout Social (a social media analytics tool) surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers in November 2018 to find out their perspective of the society. The results show that 80% surveyed participants believe society is more divided today.

Around 55% of the respondents consider social media the cause for the societal division while almost 91% claim that social media has the power to reconnect people.

Additionally, 81% of the participants think that brands can work to mend the social rip while 78% say they want brands to use the power of social media to unite people.
What consumers want from brands in a divided society

Other findings from the report include:
  • 55% of consumers want brands to connect like-minded individuals through social media
  • 52% want to meet people from a different mindset
  • 36% go to social media in search of communities they belong to
So how can social media connect the consumers? Well, surveyed participants think:
  • By creating interactive content (46%)
  • Through common interests (43%)
  • Through private groups (41%)
  • Promoting offline events (39%)
Customers of today are not only interested to learn about their favorite brand but also want to know the people who are behind in its making.
"Seventy percent of consumers, for example, report feeling more connected when a brand’s CEO is active on social. Additionally, 72% of consumers report feeling similarly when employees share information about a brand online."
Consumers also want brands to raise awareness around important issues circulating society and enhance communication regarding such topics with the audience.

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