5 Tools That You Can Use for Virtual Design Presentation

Presentations are the quickest way to convey ideas and relay information. This mode of communication is widely adopted in various companies and organizations. As virtual presentations tend to be detailed, it is important to select the best tools that will deliver to your audience. The reliability of these tools is key to ensure that the desired effect on your audience is achieved. Well prepared presentations will capture the attention of your audience all through the session. This can only be achieved by digressing from the norm. Most people prefer Microsoft PowerPoint as an ideal tool for preparing presentations. This leads to dull sessions that barely communicate intended ideas. Several tools will make your presentation lively and engaging.

This article will highlight the top 5 tools that are ideal for virtual design presentations.

Haiku Deck

Simple, fun and beautiful presentations will easily deliver your designs. Haiku deck will enable you to craft simple yet detailed presentations. This tool features a ton of themes, world-class images and all other features offered by a presentation tool. With Haiku Deck, you can easily add audio narrations to your presentation. Virtual presentations are also enabled by the ability to record your presentation as a video. This tool is therefore perfect for virtual design presentations. Haiku deck is also available for free on Apple's iOS. Presentations created using this platform will, therefore, be available across multiple devices.


This is the most preferred alternative to PowerPoint. Slidebean allows you to personalize your presentations as much as you can. There are three key characteristics that set it apart from other tools. This includes the ability to import graphics and text and an inbuilt text editor. It also offers stylish formatting and sleek themes. As an online presentation tool, Slidenbean's templates are regularly updated. This ensures that your preferences are met thus averting dull slideshows.


Tracking the creation process of your presentation is vital to ensure its relevance. SmartDraw conveniently lets you review every step followed while designing visual graphics. Available as a suite of programs, this tool is an IDEAL virtual room design application. Using it will, therefore, see your designs go from dreams to reality. With infinite preloaded plans and materials to select from, SmartDraw will ensure that the desired presentation is delivered. Developing customized presentations will, therefore, be a piece of cake.


This is an online presentation tool developed with graphic designers in mind. Focusky is a detailed tool that gives you the ability to develop an interactive presentation. With this tool, you will never struggle while creating a visual representation of your design. Brilliant pre-made templates ensure that you spend minimum time developing your presentation. This is critical in ensuring that none of your focus is shifted from creating appealing content. With this tool, your audience will be easily impressed. Focusky also guarantees access to your presentation on nearly all devices.


Visme takes virtual design presentations to the next level. As a cloud-based tool, it ensures that you can work on your presentation wherever you are. This is especially beneficial if you like carrying your work with you. Using Visme guarantees that your presentations will align with your company values. This is especially vital when making presentations to your co-workers. An inbuilt analytics system included in this tool promotes teamwork. With this, you will easily identify individuals who viewed your presentation. This will ensure that required changes are made thus maximum satisfaction to your viewers The above tools will allow you to brilliantly craft your presentations. With these tools, making a presentation will never be challenging or time-consuming. Outstanding presentations that will make your effort stand out will, therefore, be easy to develop. This will highly impress your audience thus a breakthrough driving your ideas home.

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