Google steps up to help users against phishing attacks

Phishing is considered as one of the most notorious methods of gaining access to others’ accounts. It is obviously used by hackers. Countless people are subject to phishing attacks every day. To be honest, it is fairly easy to fall for such traps as they are quite convincing and well-produced. Most of the times, a casual user can miss the warning signs. Recently, Google took notice of it and its Jigsaw unit was then assigned a task to develop a quiz to educate the users about phishing emails.

Jigsaw elaborated in a Medium post about what phishing is and how it has become a serious threat to the cyber security. In addition to being one of the prime forms of cyber-attack, it has been researched that nearly one percent of the emails sent per day are phishing attempts. Although such emails look surprisingly authentic, they are created to steal the user's credentials.

This is where the quiz created by Jigsaw comes into play. The quiz consists of 8 questions and information is also collected from actual phishing emails used by the attackers. The main highlight of this quiz is that it is based on security training with nearly 10K individuals including activists, journalists and political representatives from all around the world. The purpose of this test is to educate users about phishing emails so they may be able to identify them and save themselves from falling into this trap.
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Although two-factor authentication is considered to be the best defense against Phishing attacks, identifying it in the first place to avoid it has its importance too. However, it should be kept in mind that as the users have become aware of the attacks and have started devising ways to tackle the issue, so are the hackers trying to one up them and attempting to improve their phishing game and make their attempts seem more genuine.

You can now take the test on any device and make yourself and the people you know safe from these attacks.

This new tool by Google will help you test your ability to identify phishing emails
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