Finally: Snapchat comes up with end-to-end encryption to secure users conversations and data

The popular messaging app Snapchat has finally introduced end-to-end encryption to its network. This will protect the privacy of their users who are always concerned about the videos and photos they share on the platform.

Recently, Amnesty International ranked Snap Inc. – the parent company of Snapchat – as one of those social media platforms that takes the least action on message privacy. According to the report by Amnesty, Snapchat is not doing enough to protect the user’s privacy nor is it transparent in informing users about the threats to their human rights.

The Telegraph also reports that previously the snaps (pictures and videos) shared by users would stay stored in the company’s server for up to 30 days leaving them vulnerable to hackers.

Amnesty International delineates end-to-end encryption as a method to keep data visible only for the recipient and the user. The company claims that this method ensures that private information in messaging apps stays private.
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However, the introduction of end-to-end encryption is limited to snaps only and does not apply to text messages and group chats on Snapchat.

A representative of Snapchat confirmed the news regarding encryption and says that the company has plans to introduce the same to text messages and group chats in the future.

End-to-end encryption was introduced to WhatsApp in 2016, after which Facebook Messenger followed suit. Although it is set on default for WhatsApp and Snapchat, users of Facebook Messenger have to turn on the same through ‘Settings.’
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Snapchat adds end-to-end encryption to protect users
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